Frontend Registration

Embed a fully customizable registration form anywhere you want, choose which fields appear during registration, from text inputs to photo and file uploads, easily organize and re-order your fields, help tooltips, field icons, and more. You can control which tabs are collapsed, or collapsible, and have full control on the form/fields.

Frontend Login

Highly interactive front-end login, with ajax error handling, tooltips, and custom redirection support. Allow users with Facebook account to signin/register instantly.

Multiple Templates To Display Member List

The default member directory is beautiful and allow search, plus custom filtering available for all custom fields, including showing users per specific custom field, or role, etc.

Display Members Using Grid Style

This was the 1st version of member directory. You can use it to display rounded profile picture of your members, and also supports search, filtering, and pagination.

Content Restriction

Restrict content on your site using the content restriction feature for UserPro. It is one of the best ways to monetize your website content. Create content restriction based on account verification, membership and specific user roles.

Social Features

The social features of UserPro adds neat creativity on your site. Follow, unfollow features, a stream showing real activity by users on the site, with various activities logged. It also offers a private activity stream available to logged in user.

In addition, It adds followers list, and following list shortcodes/pages automatically. So you can track your followers, followed users, and let others do the same!

  • Follow / Unfollow Features

  • Display Public Activity Stream

  • Display private activity stream (for logged in user)

  • Several activities are logged including new post, new comment, new registration, new follow, or stop follow, page or post update, etc.

Unique Customizable Profile

Let users create a personalized profile, front-end profile supports unlimited custom fields that can be organized easily via plugin backend, twitter-like verified badge on the users you want, custom header background, and more.