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Review of REI Co-Op Sahara Roll-Up Pants
If you are a casual hiker looking for a good pair of hiking pants to improve your overall experience and to prepare for your next hiking adventure, you have come to the right backpacking pants review.
We are going to introduce you to a high-quality pair of hiking pants that is known for its lightweight flexibility and high level of support. That is the REI Co-Op Sahara Roll-Up Pants.
The form-fitting though relaxingly loose design of these pants guarantees wearers the utmost comfort and flexible mobility. The choice of materials is a great blend of nylon and spandex. The waistline of the pants is designed with a button, along with an integrated belt. It is designed in such a way that it is still comfortable with other belts on top, such as backpacking waist-belts.
The crotch area is gusseted for better support. This augmented support extends down to the knee and inner thigh areas of the pants. The knee areas have strong support from fabric articulation to improve the range of motion. Most users said that, thanks to the features above, they rarely had problems or felt restricted when they were engaging in outdoor activities while wearing these best camping pants.
The aforementioned loose design creates enough space between the pants and your skin to prevent chafing while you are hiking in warmer weather. Of course, not everybody wants their lower pants to be too loose, so you should be sure to check on whether your body type fits or whether you are willing to tolerate the generous extra fabric in your pant legs.
For those whose taste favors loose comfort, you are going to be delighted to know that these pants have thin fabric, allowing for great breathability and air circulation. This means that the pants are ideal and recommended for warm weather. They can keep you nicely cooled throughout the heat of the summer sun and tropical climates.
Regrettably, only the front pockets of these pants are mesh pockets. However, there is a roll-up feature to help with the air circulation system. You can choose to roll the pants up to two different levels of height. Still, even with the higher option, the pants will roll up only to the middle of your calf. At least this feature helps you turn this pair of pants into a pair of pseudo convertible pants.
Because of the thinness of the fabric, these pants are not water resistant and will not withstand weather damage very well. And because of the inherent aesthetic design, along with the numerous pockets, these pants are strictly outdoor gear for outdoor trips on the weekend. They are not something that you would put on to grab a casual dinner or for a night out.
These pants are lightweight and comfortable enough for anyone to hike quickly and smoothly. The only noticeable drawback is that they are too loose for some of the skinnier body types. Other than that, these pants should be your go-to option whenever you are thinking about convenience in a pair of hiking pants. They rightfully deserve to be called the best hiking pants on the market for backpacking.
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